Happy Birthday?

‘Don’t just count your years, make your years count’ – George Meredith (English novelist). It’s only natural to do a bit of self assessment: successes, regrets (not many at all I’m happy to say), memories, wishes, what ifs… they can all creep up on you with the subtlety of an Exocet missile or the stealth … More Happy Birthday?

The Power of a Indestructible Life

There is something very chilling about the phrase, ‘life limiting condition’. Setting the parameters of a life, even though it’s barely begun, seems heavy-handed.  In a world of toxic positivity where everything is ‘supposed’ to be upbeat, air-brushed, photo-shopped and joy-filled – even if it is curated to fit that flimsy Facebook philosophy for a … More The Power of a Indestructible Life

Learning As We Dance

I found myself holding my breath a couple of weeks ago when the journalist Roman Protasevich was arrested after his Ryanair flight from Athen to Lithuania was diverted to Belarus and escorted to Minsk airport by a fighter jet.  There, he and his girlfriend were escorted from the plane and the world had a pretty … More Learning As We Dance

A Hymn of Hope

‘Rebuild, reconcile and recover’ – Amanda Gorman In the same way that the girl in the red coat was my abiding memory from Schindler’s List, it’s the girl in the yellow coat who will stick forever in my mind after President Joe Biden’s inauguration this week – a very different genre of event but nonetheless … More A Hymn of Hope

Overcoming Darkness

‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ John 1:5 It’s been a long year.  I know that, technically, we’ve had the usual 52 weeks, plus that extra day for a Leap year – as if we hadn’t had enough of 2020 with the standard 365 this year!  And now … More Overcoming Darkness

The Circle of Life

My eldest sister is poised to become a grandparent.  It also means that the dynamics of the family shift a little as we all move up a generation – if you see what I mean – and that’s a milestone we’d be foolish to ignore.  It inevitably puts me in mind of all things grand-parenty … More The Circle of Life

Moving On

‘If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.’ – Martin Luther King Jr Somewhere around 1972, my Dad won a national camping competition promoted on the back of a cornflake packet.  This proved a number … More Moving On

A Hundred Ways to Die

‘ Our people die well’ – John Wesley (1703-1791) The past few months have given us all a great deal more time and space to think and reflect.  If you’ve now read War & Peace, congratulations.  If you’ve joined the throng mastering Banana Bread, well done.  If you managed to blitz your loft, the garage, … More A Hundred Ways to Die