The Magnificent Moustache and other stories

‘a collection of six delightful tales full of wit, quirky characters and an abundance of welcome nonsense’ – back copy, The Magnificent Moustache and other stories. I’ve been writing stories pretty much since I could hold a pencil.  In what are called our formative years, the world of imagination was as real to me as … More The Magnificent Moustache and other stories

Great Expectations

‘unmet expectations are like kindling wood – it only take a spark of frustration to set them ablaze and burn those involved.’ Lysa TerKeurst – American author After almost exactly two years after being back in the UK for the required lock-down, no-travel, masks-on, social distancing, navigate-the-pandemic long haul, the thought of returning to the sunny … More Great Expectations

Easter 2022

As the Ukraine-Russian war comes into its fiftieth day today, I wonder how many teenagers felt the same emotional jolt in February that I did that day in 1982 when I was stopped in my tracks.  … More Easter 2022


I found this poem quoted in Miranda Hart’s quirky book Is It Just Me?, which has helped me while away some dreary grey and rainy days recently.  (No, it’s not just you Miranda; life really is full of crazy things.) It seemed somewhat whimsical in such a hefty tongue-in-cheek hardback, but as I read it … More Dreams

Hope in the darkness

A door of hope in the valley of Achor – from Hosea 2:15 My mother is frequently telling me that it’s amazing what we have stored away in our heads.  This is partly because she’s almost 90 and has forgotten that she made the same observation ten minutes earlier.   The context of her comment … More Hope in the darkness

World Domination

‘Thinking constantly about world domination can give you a little vertigo.’ – Glenn Kelman (CEO Redfin real estate, USA) There’s nothing like a bit of post-Christmas Covid to kick off the new year. Or so I reluctantly discovered. Actually, apart from feeling not dissimilar to road kill, it wasn’t too bad.  One thing I’ll say … More World Domination